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How to Meet Women Online for Free


There are countless places online where it is possible meet women and many of these websites are free or offer free trial memberships. The types of sites where this is possible include typical online dating and social networking sites, however there are less obvious internet destinations where guys can meet women, as well. Let's look at the obvious places and then explore some of the less obvious online destinations that can be just as effective - or even more effective - when it comes to meeting women online. Let's get started!

Typical Places to Meet Women Online

Most single men realize (or should realize) that internet dating sites provide one of the best opportunities to meet women online. What may be less obvious is the fact that many of these dating sites provide free trial memberships, which can allow trial members to use many of the website's features to browse the dating profiles of the female members, as well as initiate some type of contact. In order

to continue communicating with any of the women online, it may be necessary to upgrade to a paid membership, but the fact remains that to meet women online, a free membership may be just as effective. A final bonus to using the traditional online dating sites is that the women on these sites are actively looking to meet someone and, if they have taken the time to construct a well-written online dating profile, guys should be able to tell whether they are the type of person in whom a particular member of the dating site would be interested. This removes a lot of the guesswork that is associated with meeting women in different face-to-face social situations, such as at a bar or party. For more online dating tips, please explore the rest of this site.

Social Networking to the Rescue 

Another online destination that can be very effective for meeting women is a typical social networking site. Although people use social networking sites for a variety of reasons, many women do use such websites to 'advertise' that they are single and looking. Guys should take the opportunity to join the larger, more popular, social networking sites – many of which are totally free – to get a feel for the types of members each site has and how effective the platform is for communicating with other members. Some sites, such as Facebook, make it very easy to reconnect with former acquaintances, such as old coworkers or high-school or college classmates. It is not that unlikely to re-establish communication with an old sweetheart or former female co-worker who may now be at a different stage in life, thus providing another opportunity to ask this person out on a date.

Not So Obvious Places to Meet Women Online

A much less explored area for meeting women online is a forum dedicated to a particular hobby or interest. This forum website could be dedicated to a topic of interest that is equally important to the man and the women. Coming together and sharing a common passion for a mutual cause or a topic that is important can be a great way for a man and a woman to bond online. Depending on the subject of the forum website there may be more or less women who actively participate in the discussion. The subject of the discussion boards can also influence how many women participate in the discussion, as well as the percentage of women who may be available. For example, a forum site on monster trucks may have few women who participate in the discussion, while a forum site on cats or gardening, for example, may have more female members who actively participate in the discussion. Another nice thing about meeting women on a website forum is that many of these types of websites are free to join. With a  little ingenuity, any single guy should be able to think of a few subjects in which women are particularly interested and then do a quick Google search to determine if there is any type of discussion site devoted to that topic. If it's a subject about which the man is particularly knowledgeable - and if it's of interest to women - this could be a goldmine for establishing communication with women who share a common passion.

Wrapping Up

So while the typical online dating sites are still great places to meet women online with many of them offering free trial memberships, these are not the only online destinations for men and women to come together. Social networking sites are growing in popularity and being used by an increasing number of men and women, alike. Naturally dating sites and social networking sites are the first types of online destinations that probably come to mind when thinking of meeting women on the internet, but there are other destinations where women may heavily outnumber men. These sites include forums or discussion websites - dedicated to topics of particular interest to women. Participating in discussions on these types of sites is usually free and can provide some fabulous dating opportunities for men.

No matter which type of site you choose the most important thing to do is to take action. Use one idea presented in this online dating article or all three, but remember that the first step for meeting women online for free is to take the initiative.  Do this today by brainstorming some forum ideas, joining a social networking site, or taking advantage of's FREE 7-Day Trial Offer

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