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ODN briefly

OPEN DATA NODE Documentation 
Open Data Node is open source platform for sustainable publishing,
 management and exchange of (open) data.




Do you want to work with open data?

Are you NEW to open data in general?

Practical Glossary for working with open data in ODN
(to get in the system smoothly, keep this glossary open)

Do you wish to KNOW the ODN really well?

Documentation of practices

Do you want to try ODN?

Basic assignation of roles in ODN quickly:

You only need to go through or download publicly available datasets and display, classify, filter and sort what you can find there?You expect to do the activities of data consumer  but first of all you need to collect data, prepare, organize, sort, publish, update and archive open datasets?Installation, management, changes, upgrade, publication, downloading, conversion,... All this and a lot of other occupations, you are IT responsible and assigned to install, manage, update ODN?

You are

USER - Data Consumer

You are

USER - Data Publisher

You are 



If you want to know more about roles or basic features and structure of ODN, choose below:

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  1. Suggested to add also page with releases (release notes)