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Improvements in UnifiedViews, new UnifiedViews Plugins, improved integration between UnifiedViews and InternalCatalog, improved user management, fixes of issues. 

Time frame



Main Features and bug fixes:

  • Model of users and organizations in ODN components changed
  • Improved integration of UnifiedViews and CKAN using new DPUs
  • New UnifiedViews plugins installed, existing were improved
  • Fixes in synchronization of data from Internal to Public catalog

Main fixed bugs in ODN v1.1.0 listed in Open Data Node github

User stories for Data Consumer

User stories for Data Publisher

User stories for ODN Administrator


Main fixed bugs in ODN v1.1.0 listed in Open Data Node github

For more details about the release see Release Note

For installation see Installation manual

URLs of components

After successful installation the following URLs are assigned: 

  • ODN/PublicCatalog
    • http://<hostname>/
    • https://<hostname>/
  • ODN/InternalCatalog: https://<hostname>/internalcatalog
  • ODN/UnifiedViews: https://<hostname>/unifiedviews
  • ODN/midPoint: https://<hostname>/midpoint/login
  • ODN/cas: https://<hostname>/cas

Only public catalog is accessible also via http protocol, other services are accessible only via https due to the fact that there is transfer sensitive information.

Default users

After successful installation the following users are created (can be used immediately): (warning) TODO correction needed


UsernamePasswordRole in componentODN roleNote
ODN casadminPassw0rd  user used in other components, logged in via ODN/CAS
ODN/midpointsee ODNsee ODN ODN userlogin to idm through cas
ODN/midpointadministrator5ecr3t Administratorlogin to idm without cas or ldap - via https://host/midpoint/login
ODN/PublicCatalogadminadminCKAN sysadmin  
ODN/InternalCatalogsee ODNsee ODNCKAN editor, Data Publisher  
Unified Viewssee ODNsee ODNAdministrator, User  




upload dumps to /var/www/dump - DPU: uv-l-filesUpload can upload dumps. Dumps are accessible via https://host/dump/

upload graphs to /var/cache/virtuoso/upload - DPU: uv-l-filesToVirtuoso can upload graphs from the path to virtuoso


casadmin is used as standard user to work with OpenDataNode. Further users can be created in midpoint.

(warning)You are strongly advised to change passwords right after installation.


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