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Who can do this? (User role)

ODN Administrator


I want to add new user to the system and define user role so that the functionality dedicated to certain user role can be used by authorized persons.


  • at least one resource that stores the authentication user details is defined and configured for midPoint

How to do it:

    • clicks 'User management' in 'Tools' combo box on main page of internal catalog
      • main page of ODN/MidPoint is displayed
    • clicks 'Users' in main menu
    • selects and clicks 'New user'
      • editable fileds for user details are displayed
    • fills information about user:
      • 'Name' (mandatory)
      • 'Description'
      • 'Given name' (mandatory)
      • 'Family name' (mandatory)
      • 'Email' (mandatory) - enter a valid email address only
      • 'Administrative status' has to be set to 'Enabled' (default setting) 
      • 'Role' (mandatory)
      • 'Organization' (mandatory) - enter use one organization, use enter lower case letters in the name of the organization only  
      • 'Password' (mandatory)
    • clicks to Reconcile
    • if satisfied, clicks 'Save'
      • the user is stored
      • login to ODN is possible
      • user (and also organization in case new organization was entered) is created immediately in those ODN components which have an account set and configured for the user, in the rest of ODN components it is created after next login attempt
      • user is mebmer of the organization defined in 'Organization' 
        • no pipelines are visible for this user created by users that belong to other organizations
        • no private datasets from other organizations are visible for this user