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5.5. Module ODN/PublicCatalog

ODN/PublicCatalog is the second module which encapsulates the functionality of data catalog. ODN/PublicCatalog holds metadata about each dataset, which is published by ODN. This data catalog is publicly visible, the primary users of this catalog are data consumers, who may browse/search the published datasets’ metadata; data consumer may also get a link to the dataset’s dump or API, so that they can consume the data in the dataset.

ODN/PublicCatalog implements also REST API for datasets where data publisher chose to do so. This is sort of "not nice" from design perspective (as this mixes the sepration between ODN/Publication = data and ODN/PublicCatalog = metadata) but it is practical (it allows ODN to use REAST API features implemented in CKAN, avoiding duplicate implementation).

5.5.1. Interaction with other modules

ODN/InternalCatalog is replicating datasets marked as public into this module.

As part of publication functionality, ODN/PublicCatalog may link to ODN/Storage (specifically to Virtuoso based SPARQWL endpoint GUI) - or ODN/Publication (links to file dumps served from ODN/Storage by Apache).


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