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Production requirements

Tu run instance of Open Data Node, you will need following:

Hardware requirements

  • CPU: common x86_64 compatible
    • dual/quad core is recommended
  • memory: (star)
    • minimum 4 GB
    • recommended 8 GB
  • storage: (star)
    • minimum 40 GB

 Subject to size of transformed data and requirements on transformation operations.

Software requirements

  • OS Linux:
    • Debian 7 "Wheezy" or 8 "Jessie"
  • OpenJDK 7
  • Apache Tomcat 7+
  • Sesame 2.7.13+  or Virtuoso 7.0+ for intermediate data store for data processed on the pipeline.
    • Note: Certain issues needs to be solved to fully support Virtuoso. 
  • PostgreSQL for relational database storing configuration of pipelines, DPUs, etc.
  • Supported web browser for administration and user interface:
    • Google Chrome 23 or newer
    • Internet Explorer 8 or newer
    • Mozilla Firefox 17 or newer
    • Opera 12 or newer
    • Safari 6 or newer

Support for other Linux distributions and Windows OS is planned later.

Development requirements

If you want to do some development work on Open Data Node or some of its modules, you generally follow the production requirements and all the good judgment and preferences of your own, as developer. In particular, also following applies:

For developing DPUs (Plugins for ODN/UnifiedViews)

On top of the requirements stated above, additional development tools are required:

  • Netbeans or Eclipse or similar Java IDE for developing plugins.
  • Apache Maven 3. It may be provided together with certain IDEs
  • Git version control tool It may be provided together with certain IDEs


If you have that and already concluded, that you want to install Open Data Node, follow installation instructions at:

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