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Data consumer is the user allowed to go through the ODN platform without being logged in the ODN.

Openness of the data makes the ODN datasets and other outputs accessible to any public visitor.

The data and their metadata are then to be displayed, searched, filtered, shared and downloaded - ready to be used for application building by the 3rd part user consumer - data developer.


  1. Data consumer may access published data (using ODN/PublicCatalog)
    1. download file dumps of published data - Download latest version of public dataset file dump

    2. retrieve published data via REST API - Retrieving public data from a dataset via REST API

    3. retrieve published data via SPARQL endpoint - Retrieving public data via SPARQL enpoint  

  2. Data consumer displays the list of datasets contained in the catalog using:
    1. GUI of the catalog (list of datasets) - List of datasets contained in public catalog (GUI)
    2. API of the catalog (list of datasets in machine readable form) - List of datasets contained in the public catalog (API)

  3. Data consumer shares a dataset or its resource by using social media -  Social media sharing

  4. Data consumer (using ODN/PublicCatalog):
    1. displays metadata about the dataset - Retrieving metadata about dataset via public catalog API
    2. browse public dataset records - Publicly available catalog record browser
    3. search them using keywords - Publicly available catalog records search using keywords
    4. filter them - Publicly available catalog records filtering
    5. display available resources for a public dataset -  List of available resources for a public dataset
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