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You are User of ODN and you have some data to be published as "open data".

Open data publishing is the major objective of the ODN platform.

This is a complex task but we hope our system will help you to realize it to the full satisfaction of you and your institution.


We suppose you have already ODN installed on your computer (your administrator will do it for you, assigning you the role of "user" allowing you to perform all tasks you could need to accomplish your open data project).

Before publishing, you should decide some important issues about content, legal aspects and other parameters concerning the passage from internal, private data contained in your closed world of your enterprise or office to the public world of open data, accessible to the large public.


If these decisions are still to be made (you have just been asked to design the data and to take care of all possible issues, both legal and structural), read carefully our dense documentation of practices.

We recommend you to keep opened our glossary to help you getting in to the vocabulary and content specifications of the open data world and ODN platform itself.


If your data are ready to be transformed, you are then at the beginning of publication.

To publish your data as Open Datasets you will follow  publication path (if you already know what to do, follow to section How to ...?)

To know, what does ODN actually do and how in publication process, follow here.

This documentation is continuously being worked on - we beg your consideration...







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