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Here you find short pages showing all activities, procedures and actions you can actually execute in the ODN system.You can use the "search" window on the right side of the blue wiki menu or the classic CTRL+F key combination.You will discover the steps you are allowed to use following your role to manage, administrate, update your system, create, convert, manage, clean, publish, upload, download and update data.If you need more sophisticated information, you can descent to the deeper level for the majority of our how-tos - see link on the last line.

You can search this list using keywords like "dataset", "metadata", "pipeline", "search", "download", "filter", "API", "GUI", "SPARQL", "user", etc.


shall we show any link to the associated user story or to GitHub ?should be all how-tos for each role mentioned (e.g. if consumer then also publisher and admin labelled)?

As consumer I want to...


As data publisher I want to...


As admin I want to...





All how-to(s) in ODN in alphabetical order

access the default set of DPU templates

add visualization to dataset

add external catalog for update

add new user and define his/her role

associate an existing non-associated pipeline

browse catalog records

browse publicly available catalog record

change GUI language

create/update dataset resource(s) automatically when data processing done

create/update dataset resource(s) on demand

create a new associated pipeline as modified copy of an existing pipeline

create default organization

create new organization

create visualization

debug pipeline

delete external catalog for update

delete user

display/manage pipeline scheduling information

display last publication status of a pipeline

dissociate a pipeline

download latest version of file dump

download latest version of public dataset file dump

export pipeline as zip file

 extract-transform-load: Unified Views

 filter catalog records

filter publicly available catalog records

install ODN

install ODN catalog theme

list available resources for a dataset

list available resources for a public dataset

list datasets contained in public catalog (GUI)

list datasets contained in the public catalog (API)

log in ODN

log out from ODN

make dataset publicly available

make dataset publicly invisible

manage default public catalog for publicly available datasets

modify an associated pipeline (manually)

modify dataset metadata

modify external catalog for update

modify user's own user profile

modify user's profile and his/her role

retrieve data via REST API

retrieve data via SPARQL endpoint

retrieve metadata about dataset via internal catalog API

retrieve metadata about dataset via public catalog API

retrieve public data from a dataset via REST API

retrieve public data via SPARQL endpoint

search catalog records using keywords

search publicly available catalog records using keywords

share in social media

synchronize catalog record manually with external catalogs

synchronize catalog record manually with public catalog

upgrade ODN

use hierarchy of ODN instances

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