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I want to create a modified copy of an existing pipeline and associate it with a selected dataset so that the detail of a dataset will contain a pipeline created.


  • at least one catalog record is created in internal catalog
  • at least one pipeline exists

Acceptance criteria

  • clicks on dataset 'Name' in the list of internal catalog records
  • clicks 'Manage' button
  • selects 'Pipeline' tab
    • list of all pipelines associated with the dataset is displayed
  • clicks '+' button
  • clicks 'Create a modified copy of existing pipeline' radio button
  • clicks 'Next' button
    • list of all private pipelines created by users belonging to the same organization is displayed
    • list of all public and public (read only) pipelines created by users belonging to whichever existing organization
  • selects and clicks an existing pipeline from the list 
    • pipeline description is displayed when pipeline is selected
  • clicks 'Create a copy' button
  • fills in the name of a new pipeline
  • fills in the description of a new pipeline
  • clicks 'Next' button
    • empty pipeline is created in ODN/UV with provided name and description
    • created pipeline is stored and associated with the dataset
  • clicks 'Edit' button
    • enters ODN/UV canvas pipeline editor
    • modifies the pipeline
  • clicks 'Save' button when satisfied 
    • pipeline is stored in ODN/UV
  • when ODN/UV closed without change (not saved)
    • empty pipeline is kept in ODN/UV
    • pipeline is associated with dataset