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Who can do this? (User role)

ODN Administrator, DataPublisher


I want to edit my user profile or change my password in the system so that the system contains up to date and correct information and to keep my account more secure by changing my password on regular basis.


  • user is logged in ODN

How to do it:

  • clicks 'User management' in 'Tools' combo box on main page of internal catalog
    • main page of ODN/midPoint is displayed
  • clicks 'Profile' in main menu
  • modifies the user detail fields (at least mandatory fields have to remain filled)
  • if satisfied clicks 'Save'
    • the user changes are stored
    • user details are updated immediately in those ODN components which have an account set and configured for the user, the rest of ODN components are updated during next login attempt
  • password change is available via 'Credentials' in the main menu



user story 33 (v2)