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  • Practical guide to building future proof Open Data Portals - European <strong>Data Portal</strong> - European Data Portal
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  1. The report suggests the following 10-item list for portal owners to consider:         

    • Organising for use of the datasets (rather than simply for publication);
    • Learning from the techniques utilised by recently emerged commercial data marketplaces; promoting use via the sharing of knowledge, co-opting methods common in the open source software community;
    • Investing in discoverability best practices, borrowing from e-commerce;
    • Publishing good quality metadata, to enhance reuse;
    • Adopting standards to ensure interoperability;
    • Co-locating tools, so that a wider range of users and re-users can be engaged with;
    • Linking datasets to enhance value;
    • Being accessible by offering both options for big data, such as Application Programme Interfaces, and options for more manual processing, such as comma separated value files, thus ensuring a wide range of user needs are met;
    • Co-locating documentation, so that users do not need to be domain experts in order to understand the data;