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Planned Releases

Upcoming releases with set deadlines:

June 20161.7.0feature release

After September 2015, at least one bug-fix release per month is planned by EEA company for next year (or more, depending on community and commercial interest).

Past Releases

February 24th, 20161.6.2bug-fix release (details)
November 30th, 20161.6.1bug-fix release (details)
November 15th, 20161.6.0feature release, smaller (details)
August 1st, 20161.5.0feature release, smaller (details)
July 1st, 20161.4.0feature release (details)
May 24th, 20161.3.0feature release (details)
April 1st, 20161.2.5bug-fix release (details) which also adds support for Debian 8 (Jessie)
March 1st, 20161.2.4bug-fix release (details)
January 23rd, 20161.2.3bug-fix release (details)
December 11th, 20151.2.2bug-fix release (details)
October 20th, 20151.2.1bug-fix release (details)
September 28th, 20151.2.0final feature release from COMSODE (details)
August 19th, 20151.1.2bug-fix release (details)
July 31st, 20151.1.1bug-fix release (details)
July 9th, 20151.1.02nd stable feature release from COMSODE (details)
June 17th, 20151.0.3bug-fix releases(details)
May 29th, 20151.0.2bug-fix releases (details)
April 29th, 20151.0.11st stable feature release from COMSODE (details)
April 24th, 20151.0.0release withdrawn (details)
March 10th, 20150.11.03rd feature release (details)
Feb 11th, 20150.10.1bug-fix for previous release (details)
Feb 10th, 20150.10.02nd feature release, introducing tighter integration within ODN plus integration with external data catalogs (details)
Dec 18th, 20140.9.0first feature release of almost whole ODN, implementing first basic publication steps from COMSODE Methodology (details)

Note regarding Release Notes

From version 0.9.0 to 1.1.2 (including), we were maintaining release notes in this Wiki (see the list of child pages bellow).

But to make the preparation of release notes easier and also to improve release management as a whole, starting with ODN 1.2.0, we're preparing the release and release notes directly on GitHub - see .

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