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Welcome to  the Open Data Node (ODN) documentation.

On this page will find documetation overview and structure.




If you are NEW to open data in general, please open following glossary and keep it opened, it could help you get in the system smoothly:

Practical glossary for working with open data in ODN

If you wish to go through the dense and as exhaustive as possible document concerning ODN, please follow here:

Documentation of practices

If you want to work with open data, you will find an ensemble of tools and procedures suited to the role assigned to you for your open data project. To begin, we invite you to try ODN demoversion:  or to install ODN.

If you want to know your possibilities, find your

role in ODN.

Basic information about Open Data Node (ODN)

Main lines and orientation points are to be found in our Documentation for User - publisher and How-to list.

Feel free to report ideas, issues and bugs found when using ODN on GitHub (see bellow). We appreciate your help to improve the quality of ODN.

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  1. Cast za: "Until this manual ready to your convenience" je napisana strasne komplikovane a nezrozumitelne.
    Ja osobne casto nerozumiem ca sa tam vlastne chce povedat.
    Tato stranka by mala byt jasna a heslovita.